My name is C.J. Hicks. I am a Supervisor at Honeywell FM&T, Missouri and the former Mayor of the great city of Pleasant Hill, MO.

There is nothing more important to my life than my family. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Lezlea Anne. We were married on June 26th, 2010 and after a little traveling we began to start our young family. I have 3 children: Avalyn Grace, Robert Joe II (R.J.), and Christian Lee Hicks.

During the day, I work full time at Honeywell FM&T. In June 2007, I began working at Honeywell FM&T as a custodian. In February 2008, I was promoted to an Assembler. From 2008-2011 I helped meet and exceed our facilities many output goals. Also, I was elected Union Steward by my peers from 2009-2011. In 2011, I was again promoted to a Senior Engineering Specialist. While in this position, I helped create new tooling, better work instructions, and exceeded program yield rates within the first two years. In January of 2017, I was once again promoted to a Quality Assurance Supervisor. My job is to assist our many quality inspectors in verifying the quality of the product going into our weapon systems which protect our nation’s security. My peers and I spend countless hours focused on metric based deliverables and achieving goal based initiatives.

In 2010, I ran for my first political office: City Councilman-at-large for the City of Pleasant Hill. Although I worked hard, I came up just short for this seat earning 46% of my community’s support. In 2011, I sought office again. This time going for City Councilman-Precinct 20 for the City of Pleasant Hill. In this race I was successful with 67% of my precinct’s support. At that point, I became the youngest sitting elected official in the State of Missouri. After being elected and serving two more terms as Councilman, I chose to devote more of my time to my town. In 2016 I ran for Mayor. I earned 57% of my community’s support in achieving that task. I immediately began implementing necessary changes to our codes/ordinances, grew our infrastructure budget, and began working with the community to plan for our future. In 2018, I was reelected Mayor earning 66% of my community’s support. In August of 2018, an opportunity for my wife and I to achieve a family goal of buying a farm within the Pleasant Hill School District came available and we jumped at that opportunity. As a result, I could not continue to be Mayor of Pleasant Hill and I resigned from that seat.

I continually get asked if I’ll continue to pursue opportunities to lead as an elected official. At this time; my focus is on enjoying life with my family and assisting Honeywell FM&T in achieving their goals for our nation. Over the next couple years, I will reevaluate where my time should be best served; either that be an unelected citizen, or as a potential candidate helping our local communities in Jefferson City. I will always be focused and committed to doing what is best for my family and yours.

I began at Honeywell FM&T literally 3 weeks after I graduated from High School at Pleasant Hill High. So, my time for secondary coursework has been limited. I began courses at Longview Community College in 2009, and plan to finish my Business Degree from the University of Missouri in the coming years.

Outside of my several obligations, you will find me on the lake with my family or watching some form of sporting event. I love to watch the Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas State Wildcats football programs.

I am always looking for opportunities to help organizations that help people. Please keep me in mind if you ever need assistance. You can reach me at

The links at the top of this website will provide you with my work experience, political outlook, and personal blog about my family and community.